Fine fabrics & clever window design

Blogbeitrag Tatjana Sorokina Fenstergestaltung

Last year I was on the road for a major project at a customer in Berlin Frohnau. He approached me with the request to take over the design and furnishing of the window areas in his property.

“Clever results are not achieved by using only what is new but, above all, by integrating what is already there in the best possible way.”

Guiding the redesign of the window fronts, were colors and materials from the existing furnishings. Nuances and tones of the color palette available in each room were incorporated into the selection of fabrics and the newly chosen design. The result is, on the one hand, that pleasant contrasts are created, which are now produced in the form of structural changes. On the other hand, the high-quality fabrics used are functional. In interaction, this results in a coherent and harmonious overall concept.

Blogbeitrag Tatjana Sorokina Fenstergestaltung 2
Shimmering curtains made of decorative satin from the German textile company “Jab Anstoetz”.

Blogbeitrag Tatjana Sorokina Fenstergestaltung 3

Blogbeitrag Tatjana Sorokina Fenstergestaltung 4
Window design in the library with a linen fabric from the French. textile manufacturer “Maison Thevenon” and a roman blind system from the company “Kadeco”.

“In the case of large window fronts, an elegant solution is needed to reduce them not only to their function of a privacy screen.”

Large window fronts are always a special feature.

With a special system and a specially sewn Roman blind, which measures an impressive width of 3.60 meters, we were able to make this unique solution become reality. The linen fabric adapted for this purpose rounds off the window design and not only achieves the necessary privacy protection but also brings the desired visual balance to the newly staged quiet zone. 

Blogbeitrag Tatjana Sorokina Fenstergestaltung 5
Privacy screen in the bathroom with a pleated system from the company “Kadeco”.
Blogbeitrag Tatjana Sorokina Fenstergestaltung 6
Privacy and sun protection in the dressing room.

In sanitary rooms and side rooms, elaborate designs are often cluttered and not user-friendly. Here it is then all the more important to find an appropriate and discreet variant that is both functional and does not have to make any compromises visually.

“Design and functionality should never be mutually exclusive.¬†There are always aesthetic solutions that are beautiful and user-friendly.”

Because of the existing center braces in the window area of the bathroom and dressing room, we played with very small and almost inconspicuous angles, so that the pleated blind used can be used reasonably. In doing so, the clever systems let in enough daylight and keep prying eyes away, and are incredibly easy to use. The privacy and sun protection solutions are not only versatile but also correspond to a modern design which can be seen.