DIY – Do it yourself Easter

Kunterbunte DIY-Osterdekoration aus bunten Eiern und Blumen von Tatjana Sorokina.

One morning, it was the Saturday before Easter Sunday, I noticed that I still hadn’t put up any decoration for Easter.

Since time has never been my best friend, I spent a lot of time thinking. My little daughter asked me: „Mum, if I were to dig in an easter egg, would I get an Easter Egg Tree?“ Surprisingly, this caught my attention and I developed an idea.

Easily implemented, it yet leaves a lasting impression on friends and family. Just color some eggs and peel them while leaving at least half of the eggshell untouched. Now you can put in some soil, gras or some easter daffs according to your liking. Ready is your easter table decoration.

Have fun! Tatjana

P.S. In case someone is interested in my answer:

„Let’s try and dig in an egg.“